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Name: Milldew the Modest
Nickname(s): Millie, Dewdrop
Gender: Female
Age: 54 [Chronologically] / 18 [Physically]
Species/What Are They: Goat Creature "Mutation"
Soul (Color): Dull Lilac
Sexuality: Pansexual/Panromantic

HP: 5500
Atc: Varies
Def: 10
Exp: ???
LV: 8

Mixed Elemental Magic: Very versed in many different types of magic that she can harness thanks to her birth-energy being mixed with the essence of several countless monsters, she has powers over many different types of magic. She cannot use two conflicting elements at once, however (fire and water) but can use two elements that compliment each other (wind and fire)
Light Magic: A magic more personal to her being than the elemental magic bred from her mixed energy, Millie has a more proficient prowess in the power of illusion and light.
Energy Manipulation: More monsters have this ability to manipulate certain forms of energy
Healing: A more general magic taught to her strictly by her mother and a few other monsters proficient in healing, Millie has the ability to heal the injuries of monsters and humans alike.
Empathy: Bonded with the life energy of several monsters bore the power to feel mystically bonded with the emotions and life energy of those around her. This ability is the most innate and can expand into several different variations.

Wings: Though not technically a weapon as much as a tool, her wings are large and broad enough to be used to create strong gusts of wind as well as just to smack into people.

Fighting Style: Millie's fighting style is very mixed and analytical. While she doesn't care for fighting, she's been trained to naturally analyze an attacker carefully for weaknesses, patterns, and possible vulnerabilities to exploit.

ACT Commands:
Check: Milldew seems to feel out of place. Atc: ???. Defense: 10.
Talk: You tell Milldew about your adventures. She seems very curious!
Share Food: You offer Milldew something to eat. She takes it immediately. She seems to be content.
Ask to Fly: You ask Milldew for a flight. She seems to ponder to idea...


Friends With: Frisk, Skelebros, Undyne, Alphys, Grillby (Though mostly just through Sans)

Neutral With: Strangers [She's the Friend-or-Enemy type; there's no real in-between]

Enemies With: Danta the Dastardly, Dr. Fletcher, Flowey the Flower

Talia the Timid [Mother, Deceased]
Danta the Devout/Dastardly [Father]
Dr. Mortimer Fletcher [Creator]

Crush(es): Rioul the Resentful [Previously] / Sans the Skeleton [Current]

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Talking... Well, trying anyway [With Sans]


Personality Towards Humans: Millie's only experience with humans, until meeting Frisk, has been Dr. Fletcher, his wife, and many a homeless human in the streets. So far, her experience with humans has been mixed. However, when brought to interact with them one way or another, she does her best to treat them with the same amount of kindness she'd want to be treated with in return.
In truth, she admires humanity for their strength, resiliance, adaptability, intelligence and drive. She has a particular fondness for human children, as they're often the ones who treated her with the most kindness (and gave her food or money). She loves to play with human children! (As well as monster children, of course). She's very aware their lifespan is more limited than monsters', however, so she tends to be very actively protective and worrisome of humans, often concerned for their well-being with their less optional mortality.

Personality Towards Strangers: She's typically very wary of strangers, monster or human, and she'll keep her distance, watching from afar until she gets a basic understanding "safe vs unsafe to approach". Whether alone or with friends, she typically won't talk to strangers unless she has to.

Personality Towards Friends: She's very affectionate and playful with those she's grown attached to as friends. She loves to spend time with them and is a lot more energetic and adventurous with them. She can sometimes be a bit clingy and physically affectionate, sometimes having an issue with boundaries and personal space, but she just never wants to waste any time in making great memories and doing fun things with her friends.

Strengths: Brave, adventurous, kindhearted, thoughtful, empathetic, hard-working

Weaknesses: Naive, gullible, simple-minded, somewhat forgetful, gluttonous

Flaws: Undisciplined, naive, overzealous, somewhat childish, clumsy

Likes: The rain, snow, exploring, trying new things, food of all sorts, doing things - new and old - with her friends, Sans, napping, flying, swiming, cooking, books, and many more...

Dislikes: Slimey or scratchy food, extreme heat, loud and obnoxious music, being alone, cruelty, peppermint [minty things]

Fears: Tight places, prisons/being trapped, medical supplies/needles, the dark


Eye Color: Bright Seafoam Green [Irises] / Dull Lilac [Schlera]

Clothes: Hoodies or sweaters, t-shirts or blouses, pants or shorts. Clothes are often in bright colors, or in colors that blend into her environment. She dresses comfortably and practically, but likes to be presentable and feel cute. Typically goes barefoot. She wears white hair ties to keep her ears up and out of the way, fashioned a strip of fabric accidentally torn off of Papyrus' scarf into a tie for her hair, always wears bright white gloves on her hands and dirt brown flight goggles (either around her neck or on her head, ready for high altitude flight)

Hair: Licorice Black, over her fur. Straight but messy. Reaches the base of her long tail when down. Often braided and brushed by Frisk, Toriel or Undyne.

Skin Fur: Floofy and Long, with a very wide variety of colors. Brushed and groomed by Toriel or Frisk. (Frisk likes to brush her back fur)
Splashed White [Base Color] / Red [Faded streaks along the back of her arms, dark red on the top of her left hand, faded splotches on her back] / Orange [Faded splotches on her back] / Yellow [Faded splotches on her back, soles of her feet] / Green [Pale, faded streaks along the back of her legs; palms are bright green] / Blue [Sky Blue, top of right palm; speckled freckles on her cheeks and muzzle] / Purple [Light Purple, speckled freckles on her upper cheeks and muzzle] / Eerie Black [Markings on her cheeks and ears. Tail is also this color, faded at the base]. Her stomach and chest fur is speckled with a variety of all these colors in a wide array of shades, save for black.

Other: Dull, beige horns that gently poke out from under her hair. Strong and powerful, paper white bird-like wings that can fold up behind her. All of her clothes typically need holes cut into them to allow room for them to extentand flex. Her ears and tail are unusually long, and her ears usually need to be held up by hair ties.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Goals/Purpose: See the world, make new friends, protect Frisk and Sans, and repent for the sins of her past

Job: Explorer / Bodyguard [Self-Assigned] / Student

Items: Light blue backpack. Cell phone. Two sets of headphones. Two first aid kids; one for humans, one for monsters. An oval necklace with two pictures inside the two halves; her mother, and... someone else. Two pouches, for human money and monster gold specifically. A whicker basket usually carrying food and drink for herself. Journal, with pencils and pens.


Backstory: [WIP; Stay Tuned!]
Undertale OC: Millie the Modest
All aboard the band-wagon; toot-toot. I had a lot of fun making the girl, and I hope to do more with her soon! 
My dabbling in Undertale is VERY recent so some feedback and advice would very much be appreciated. I'm still working on her backstory, so please be patient. I dropped some hints and clues in there in the meantime.

Undertale (c) Toby Fox
Milldew the Modest (c) Kit
Undertale OC Template… (c) HarmonyParty
Gonna be performing a lot of editing and cleaning up of my gallery to make way for more current work! 
The place you prefer to RP: Ask for my Skype or Email. I typically avoid dA chat.
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Times online: Varies, though pretty available.
RP Format: Paragraph form.
Languages: English. I'm uncultured, so I don't speak/read any other language.
Comment: I'm not a stickler for time; like, unless we're in one of those immediate chats like Skype or Google docs, I'm not gonna bug you about your reply unless we go, like, a week without a reply. I'll just check in to make sure things didn't get eaten or that you didn't spontaneously combust.

Role play info:

Fandoms | Original Verse: I can do original verse, though with original, I'm typically more comfortable with something where it's at least set in "Anthro-Earth", you know what I'm talking about. (Though I'm totally open to fantasy, sci-fi, or slice-of-life, I do prefer the setting to be more of an Earth-Parallel. It's just easier for me.) As for fandoms, I'm comfortable with Sonic (Sega or Boom, not Archie), Pokemon, Tale Spin, TMNT, Sly Cooper, the Goofy Movie-verse, Ratchet and Clank, MLP, and SWAT Kats.
Characters: OCs typically. Canon characters typically depend on the verse and the character I'm using.
Canon Pairings: I typically got with CanonxOC at best.
OC pairings: Totally! OCxOC is typically reserved for original-verse.
Yaoi: ✔
Yuri: ✔
Hetero: ✔
Mature: ✔ (Open to sex, but it needs to make sense. Not just random smut for smut's sake; either the characters need to be close or characters who are into casual sex, or one of them is a prostitute or... a one night stand where both parties are wasted off their ass. Ya know, sex just needs to make sense in context.)
Violence: ✔ [Just... not the eyes and anything with genetalia. That's my queasy-spot.]
Strong Language: ✔
Roleplay Interest: Romance, action, adventure, slice-of-life, friendship, humor, supernatural.
Grammar: 5 (Like... put in effort and don't use text speak within the response itself, but I'm not anal about grammar.)
Average Desired RP Post Length: Typically, just anything that isn't a one-liner. Anything that gives me enough material to work with to formulate a response. I'm not a stickler for length, but give me somethign to work with. At MINIMUM, a paragraph. (Though if there's simply not enough for your character to react with, just lemme know and don't worry about it.)
Will Not Do: (Most of this I'm ok with in their original context (for story, or recognized as legit gross or weird where applies), just not as a fetish or a sexy thing)
- Rape as a kink (Flexible. Aright with it for story purposes, like a character being raped and legit dealing with the consequences with it, or if both characters involved are into non-con fantasy and are both in agreement to it. I'm ok with rape scenes, but it's something we need to discuss. I'm not comfortable with the mentality of 'it's not rape if you enjoy it' type rape scenes, unless that's the mentality the raped character tries to adopt to cope and just get through the ordeal without injury. It's something we need to discuss if it's gonna be involved. Rape is not sexy; just don't try to make it look sexy.)
- Foot fetishes (I tend to just avoid this altogether)
- Scat/Urine
- Vore
- Stalking, or sexual assault/harassment, being viewed as sexy or a good thing. Because it's not. (Although it does depend on the characters involved. I'm not a stickler about it.)

Extra: I've really been in the mood for SWAT Kats, Sonic Boom and the Goofy-Movie verse lately, as well as original slice-of-life. Generally speaking, my limits are your limits, save for stuff I listed above. I'm open to a lot of things, though, so shoot me a note and we can chat about it!
Anthro-RP Information
Figured this would be the best way to get a request out there and going. I may edit this as I go!
Gonna be performing a lot of editing and cleaning up of my gallery to make way for more current work! 


EmoteGalXD's Profile Picture
Breanna "Kit"
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Name: I is a mystery....|D
(Well, now that I've decided to keep my first and last name foreclosed)

Nicknames: Goofball, goofy, turd, (All of the above; in real life) Kit-Kat, Kitty, Kit, Knux, (All of the above; by friends of various websites, and my girlfriend) Jolly-Green-Giant (Cousin, though he made up this nickname back when I was taller than him...=w=)

Birthday: June 20th of a classified year<11:54 PM>

Home: NC

Position: The Creative Hermit

Title: The Innocent Sadist

Age: 17


Occupation: School/Creating random series of various genres/authorress+movie writer in training

Status: Lovingly Taken By Female Partner

Likes: Being lazy.........I have too many to list. =w= Comment for things to include in this.

Loves: Tessa R. (I just noticed that both of our last names start with R. x3)

Hates: Real life war and violence, Being unprepared, People who force their beliefs upon others, uncreativity, reality, dog barking non-stop over nothing.

Top Fears: Snakes, Lightning, Death, dark skies, thunder storms at night, losing loved folks being mad at me...

Favorite Treat(s) : Papa John's Pizza, KFC, Taco Bell

Favorite Candy(ies) : Crunch, Take 5, Kit Kat, Jelly Beans, Kisses

Favorite Video Game(s) : Too many to name

Favorite Music Artist: Too many to name

Favorite Anime(s): Not that into anime anymore...

Latest TV. Obsession(s) : Phineas and Ferb, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Family Guy, Danny Phantom

Latest Fangirl Obsession: ♥JxG♥ (Jaceg!! <D) ♥PxC♥ (Phinerra...loves eet. <3)

>What more do you want from me? I'm too frickin' lazy to add anything else. I'm done. XDD

Personal Quote(s): "I reject your reality and replace it with my own!!"

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